1to1 focus

One can simplify training as just going outside and exercising… triathlons as swimming, cycling, and running. But nothing is ever that simple. It often depends on the individual what training looks like.

This is where One to One Focus comes in… it starts with a chat and a general plan…

Depending on the individual and their goals this develops into one-to-one sessions, group sessions, and custom training plans…

Training Plans

The Training Plan describes every event in your program of training. Each individual event is created with a purpose in mind, a connection with each other and an end result matching your original goal.

What is considered in creating your training plan in basic terms is (but not limited to):
• Your Experience
• Your Available time
• Your Available facilities
• Your Available equipment
• Your Coached Sessions
• Your goal Event(s)

And through your Subjective and Objective Feedback the Training Plan gets tweaked.

Coached/Consultation Sessions

Coaching and consultation sessions are there to give the individual the skill and the knowledge of how to perform sessions that are outside the coached sessions… how to perform in training and goal events. The hours and subject matter of coaching sessions varies with each client’s needs and goals but involves the skill of swimming… open-water swimming… ocean swimming, cycling, and running… or not… besides performing the actual disciplines (in different intensities and distances to achieve a particular session goal) sessions may involve strength and conditioning, or an event-day planning… transition practice.

Strength and Conditioning

Triathlon is an endurance sport. What does strength and conditioning have to do with an endurance sport…

Power development…

…Injury prevention (not to mention the external and internal forces produced) and it all starts with stability in the movement pattern.

Triathlon  strength and conditioning works towards stability, muscular endurance, flexibility, and power development in the proper movement pattern of all three disciplines.

What it comes down to…

What it comes down to is that triathlon involves three sports with particular movement patterns and everyone has individual needs. Let’s set up something that works for you with your choice on how much it will cost (See Club Services).

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