Objective: Kona 2020

It is January 2017, I recently turned 40 and have not been racing in a few years. I have come up with a bold goal… Kona 2020.

My ultimate goal is to participate in Kona in 2020 (… and beyond). So in turn the ultimate goal is to qualify.

The start date for training is set for January 2, 2017 and my goal date is set for the beginning of the qualifying season about 140 weeks away.

140 weeks… a lot of time…. but there is a lot to do.   I need to be able to Perform… in Swimming Cycling and Running.

I was able to fit into these weeks 3 Annual Training Plans and with this 3 Priority-A Events:

  • 2017: Long course Nationals (Worlds Qualifier)
  • 2018: Long course Worlds (if I make it)
  • 2019: Kona Qualifier

Then if all goes to Plan… another Annual Training Plan for Kona 2020.

To get started I need to prepare my body… first goal lose 20 lbs.

I have gained weight in both muscle and fat. At 5’6″ I weigh 151.4 lbs and my waist measures 33.5 inches (January 6th, 2017)

Ok here we go…. Week 1.. Weight: 151.4 lbs

The pool… not only for swimming. Sometimes you have to pool jog #hellosunny

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This is not exactly how I wanted to start training… Pool Jogging. A few weeks earlier there was a session called Ouch. Not good:

Left calf went.

So most of week 1 was about getting running back into the legs. It started out with walking Monday through Thursday… Thursday added pool jogging and Friday was an attempt at intervals walk to running. The focus on the run now is foot placement… less forces on calf muscle.

Another goal the weeks to come is to gently reintroduce the body to training consistently in all three disciplines.

As the days went by I added extra distance to the training, but not really too much extra effort. I added a loop from the pool to start adding miles on the bike,

and decided that doing the swim before the long ride works a bit better then long ride before swim… also works well in the traditional order of disciplines in triathlon.

Listening to the body is quite important at this time (well all the time). I have injured myself before, and over-trained before… I call this experience. After doing two days of long loops for the first time in a while, body needed a brake (according to the body)…

after a day of rest attempted the two loops for the run with Aid station in between. Trying out using the fridge from the apartment as being a pit stop for longer runs. Stopping every 6-7 miles.

That worked well. Overall the first three weeks were successful in getting a start to triathlon training.

The next 6 weeks

The next weeks included some progressions and some easy weeks. The major focus was on losing the weight and getting some foundation on the swimming, cycling, and running.

It is seriously difficult to drop the calories to lose the weight…

On the 6th of March I was down to 137.8 lbs. That is 13.6 lbs in 8 weeks and 4 days. I still have another 7.8 lbs to shed… reach a weight of 130lbs, floating between 128 to 132lbs.

I am so looking forward to reaching this goal and finally eating a bit more normal again…. and then training harder and longer.

Until I reach the 130lbs mark, I will remain in a “preparation” phase… keeping at lower intensity and focusing on good form.  After the bringing the weight down I can start building towards the first A race…

Long Course Nationals… 36 weeks.

Join us in Fort Lauderdale #hellosunny

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