Kona 2020: Week 10 & 11 (CTL: 68.2)

Week 10: (ending March 12th; TSS: 709.3) Preparation Phase Continued?

So I have not achieved my goal weight (down to 137.8 lbs… 7.8 lbs to go) and because of this for now the goal is to continue the focus on weight loss and building a base. Have been going for a slightly lower caloric intake and reduction in fat intake… (but keeping carbohydrates)… Keeping the intensity of work also quite moderate.

Good morning sunshine #hellosunny

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I was able to build to 4 swim sessions in the week. That is working out really well. On the swim have been really focusing a lot on form. Have felt that there is a bit of miss in my left arm pull. Have been focusing on single arm strokes… finding also that I need to rotate a bit more and hold a better body position. Have not been pushing too hard on the force production yet… It has been difficult providing all out power with reduced caloric intake… and the main goal is to lose the weight.

This week I also had three longer rides and one short one… Can’t really call these longer rides considering what I will be working towards for the Kona qualifier.

If you ever have a chance… volunteer at your local triathlon… you will have a good time… I volunteered a bit on Saturday (during set up) and Sunday (during the event) for the one that is held at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park… was really nice.

Nice way to start the day… volunteering at the Las Olas Triathlon. #LasOlasTri @multirace #hellosunny

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Week 11: (ending March 19th, TSS: 312.8) Overreached

I overreached this last few weeks. The goal was to lose weight… I was doing perfectly fine with this until I wasn’t. Monday’s sessions were going as planned… Tuesday came around and I was completely exhausted… I felt some minor symptoms of a cold coming on and loss of energy…

I am getting close to my goal weight… I already am down to 136.8 lbs (Monday March 13). I have lost 14.6 lbs in 9 weeks and 4 days… that was probably a bit too fast… and it is likely getting more difficult to keep that rate of loss as I am approaching my goal  weight. I was able to supply the energy needs for my body to do the work.. but I think I missed out on having enough nutrients to keep the body healthy. It looks like I overreached…

Not much accomplished this week beside a bit of recovery. I have dusted off this Tri-Bike-Shaped-Object.

Dusting off this Tri-Bike-Shaped-Object… will be looking for frame and components sponsor by the end of 2017

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Been using a fatter-tire-flat-handle-bar-single-speed-steel-bike for the last few months as the bike. Kind of happy being on the Tri-Bike-Shaped-Object again…

I think I got it back in 2007 when I moved to London (10 years ago)… bicycles have changed a little bit since then…

I have changed out the components  and the wheels on the bike to keep it running, I have even converted the road bike into what it is now with forward seat post and bullhorn/aerobars set up…

…but it is time to move on…  I will be looking for Bike Frame and Components Sponsors by the end of 2017.

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