Kona 2020: Week 12 & 13 (CTL: 83.5)

fixing last week. So last week (Week 11) I felt the effects of completely overreaching in my training… I put more fault on the lack of nutrition then the actual training… lack of nutrition on the weeks before… I was getting sick and it showed in my training… I was only able to manage a TSS of 312.8….. This pretty much devoured my CTL.

Week 12 (ending March 26th, TSS: 751.4): Week 12 was a bit about fixing what I have pulled apart.  Decided to start eating somewhat normal. I have lost a big chunk of weight in the last weeks… I can take a bit of a break from this… pretty much hovering around 136 lbs. That means I have lost 15 lbs since I started this project. Seems my body is quite happy with 136 lbs…

There wasn’t anything significant about week 12 except that I have mega energy again. I managed to throw in an unsuccessful yet successful ocean dip in after a run.

Successful because I went and got into the water. Unsuccessful because nothing much happened afterwards. Struggled a bit with the days’ waves… something I need to get comfortable with again.

Week 13 (ending April 2nd, TSS: 963.5): Week 13… time to add a bit of volume. Week 13 was a success because I was able to manage increased volume. I have had a tendency of training at a high intensity all the time… this had to stop if I was to ever get the longer rides in…. Success… I managed to keep the intensity low enough to enjoy the complete ride… not just the first part…. I even increased the distance of a ride. Success…

31 weeks till 1st goal event… will need to start adjusting my nutrition as the volume of training increases… Nutrition while training and recovery… when not training

Taking it easy at the beach with my assistant coach… key to good training is good recovery.

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