Kona 2020: Week 14 & 15 (CTL: 89.3)

Week 14 (ending April 9th, TSS: 806.7): A tricky week… This week was supposed to be an easier week…It is important to let your body recover and build. I had a long ride scheduled this weekend to volunteer up in west Boca Raton… so did not want to add too many efforts during the week. Had a couple client sessions scheduled, threw in a ride to Delray Beach, and another ride up to Pompano beach for a swim set (and putting a deposit down to reserve some lanes for upcoming training camps). The TSS would have even been higher if my watch did not run out of power for the ride home from volunteering in Boca. Oh well, at least I know what I did (get over it)…Next. enjoy the sunrise on your ride…

A view from your bicycle as you ride north on A1A in Fort Lauderdale… #hellosunny

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Week 15 (ending April 16th, TSS: 677.6): Cycling at long distance is a weakness that I need to conquer… this week is about creating my new normal distance. Make Delray Beach comfortable. I need to be able to start going longer distances comfortably. I just did not know if I could make the distance three times in  a week. So I pretty much minimized all other efforts through out the week… focused on the bike… this hit me a bit on the TSS, but I had to get over this hurdle and move forward. Woohoo… managed.

Done… Next… add more volume more TSS. The next two weeks are about ever increasing volume. Don’t be harsh on the body… listen to the body… there is a lot of distance to cover in the long course triathlons. Need to slowly build that. It does include the Swim and the Run… So that is next… adding a bit of this and bit of that.

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