Kona 2020: Week 16 (CTL: 94.7; TSS: 883.2)

Week 16 (ending April 23rd): ooh a tough week… starting to add a bit more volume. Waking up at 2:30am for the morning ride seems to be going alright… had to change up the nutrition for the increased volume… simple is starting to fade away with increased training. Got to keep on top of it.

Had to get more serious about nutrition as the volume of training increases #guenergylabs #gatoradeendurance

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Tuesday went for a trip up to the pool, always have a flat repair kit with you… have one if not two extra tubes with you, tire lever(s), and pump/CO2 cartridge… and if you have a single speed commuter bike maybe the correct wrench could help… oh yeah, this is what happened to me as I decided not to wait for a bridge and took another route… and apparently found a nail.

Wednesday was a toughie… 2:30am wake up as usual, decided to add just a few extra miles on the bike (8miles) to the next turn around spot… I guess it really did not help having reduced calories the day before and try catching and/or pass cyclist on the route. Felt so sleepy the rest of day. Ok back to normal calories again today… starting with some French toast… yummy.

Thursday was a bit of recovery… realized I pushed a bit too hard the last few days… still wanted get a dip in the pool in… had a chill ride to the pool and just enjoyed the time I was in the pool… it is not worth the training if you can not enjoy it. it’s not just about the destination but also the journey the process of getting there. triathlon is a lifestyle to enjoy…

Friday felt good, solid… managed to do the longer ride to Oceanfront Park Beach in Ocean Ridge again.. was nice… you get some really nice sunrises on the way home.

Have been riding a warm up for about 10miles before each long ride…

Next… before continuing on the long ride… I step off the bike and do some dynamic stretching for the Hip complex and Shoulder complex… plus some neck stretches. It seems to help me at age 40 recover better… train longer. It only takes about 10 minutes… and I find it to be a significant part of my training.

Sunday… no training but… had a closer look at my road bike… when you have a new bike or old bike (my frame is going on 10 years) maintenance cleaning is a key to a happy bike… happy ride… lower overall costs… it also gives you an opportunity to have a closer look at what needs to be changed soon. It looks like I will need some new bearings for my headset soon.

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