Kona 2020: Week 19 (CTL: 105.9; TSS: 870.4)

Week 19 (ending May 14th): OK… slowly adding more volume again…this time with the run and the swim.

The last weeks I have been building volume with the bike (I find the bike the most challenging portion for me) but during that time of this build I have been leaving out the swim and the run… so this week was an effort to reintroduce these two…with the swim I also decided to make it an ocean swim.

security detail… this little guy was staying with me all the way south on my ocean swim… covering my back…

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The ocean swim this last Saturday was especially fun…. going into yellow flag ocean (beach lifeguards present)… with a brand new client… client has a background in swimming… was good. We were able to go over a few differences between pool swimming and open water swimming.

About the cycling… I have continued with the three morning rides but cut it a bit shorter to allow more volume with the Swim and the Run… body needs some recovery… I have also decided that 2:30am wake up is just too early… if I want to start having clients in the mid afternoon… the body needs the extra hour and half sleep till 4:00am. Still get to see a sunrise…

Share your sunrise … and the road… have a great ride… what ever drives you

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Bike was comfy… the swim was comfy… I only had one long run in there…

I swapped  a second run with a longer walk with Monty (our dog/assistant coach)… keeping some volume of weight bearing movement, but not as aggressive as running… have time to build… no time to get injured.

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