Training in South Florida

Come join us in tropical South Florida for some warm weather training and racing any time of the year
Sandy beaches… palm trees…turquoise water

Affordable custom training camp with the combination of One-to-One and group sessions. Experience the any-time-all-the-time training camp brought to you by the Milestone Cycles triathlon club.

The subject matter, and the length of a custom camp, of course, depends on the individual… their goals, history, time….

One-to-One Sessions: Ocean Swim, Cycling, Running, Strength for Endurance…

Group Sessions: Ocean Swim, Running, Strength for Endurance…

Question/Answer (any)time: Planning with TRAININGPEAKS , Intensities (Power/Rate of Perceived Exertion/Heart Rate…), Train/Race Nutrition, Recovery/Preparation, Race day plan…

The combination of these three will make up your Custom training camp and the cost of your camp comes down to how many hours in One-to-One Sessions are involved ($36/hour).

Costs: $0 registration costs for those who have a current USAT ID number (can be international, get yours here $50); USAT ID number is required

As part of registration, you become a member of the Milestone Cycles triathlon club* ($0 annual membership fee) and as a club member you…

…receive Group Sessions at no extra cost (Ocean Swim, Running, Strength for Endurance…)

…receive Quarterly Planning and Benchmark (Swim/Bike/Run) Sessions with club coach at no extra cost

…are connected with club coach on TRAININGPEAKS

…receive Question/Answer (any)time with club coach at no extra cost (Subject samples: Intensities …Power/Rate of Perceived Exertion/Heart Rate; Train/Race Nutrition; Recovery/Preparation; Race day plan)

…receive a discount on MultiRace (#RaceHappy) events

…get access to early registration for certain IRONMAN events

…have access to One-to-One sessions for only $36/hour

…have access to custom training plans at only $36/week after a combined 8 hours of coaching (Group and One-to-One); Includes Premium Membership to TRAININGPEAKS

If you need to rent a bike to make this possible there are a few options.

Set up your any-time-all-the-time training camp by contacting the club coach at (001) 954-629-6218, through, or…

…catch him at his office the beach (here) on Saturdays and Wednesdays from Sunrise to 9:45 am and in the water from 9:45 am onwards.

Coach Bryan has many years of experience having first certified as a triathlon coach over 18 years ago. Bryan is a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach, USA Triathlon Coach, IRONMAN Certified Coach, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Bryan holds a Master of Science in Exercise Science.

Bring along your friends and family to South Florida… with what you are saving on a warm-weather training camp there are many options for accommodations and plenty of things to see and do in South Florida.

*requires USAT ID number (can be international) and acceptance of waiver