A Glimpse in the Athlete’s life

It makes it easier to create a training plan when you know the conditions. Having a glimpse in the athlete’s life provides the chance to map out opportunity.

A log, like this one, of a few days in habits and commitments can provide such a glimpse. The more days covered in the athlete’s diary, the clearer of picture developed. I would suggest at least one week, if not two to see a pattern.

  • The column Activity covers activity(s) done during that hour: sleeping, running/swimming, having lunch, sitting
  • The column Food/Drink covers consumption throughout that time

Besides filling out these columns it can be helpful to know how an athlete feels affects their day to day and what an athlete does through out the day affects how they feel. In the morning a scoring of the following (on a scale of 1 to 5; 5=most/maximal) can provide a deeper insight:

  • how fatigued do you feel
  • muscle soreness
  • quality of your sleep
  • overall feel good factor

Click here for a larger view of the above log.