To explain why Milestone Cycles is developing

It started in 1993…

Do you remember your first Triathlon… 1993.

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Downtown Fort Lauderdale doing a good bit of dynamic warmup/stretches before the early morning session

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I like to help individuals reach their goals…to figure out what skills and knowledge clients need to develop to reach these goals.

For this I knew I had to develop a large scale of knowledge and experience of the individual and industry aspect of cycling/triathlon/fitness in both the USA and UK. This came about first for my own interest, but then also understanding that there is a lot of good and bad information for the individual seeking advice. My experience and knowledge developed comes from training as an athlete, commuting by bike across several different cities, working as a coach and personal trainer (youth, club, individual), working in several bike shops throughout London and the USA, exploring industry data and products, and formal education. It all started in 1993 with my first season in triathlons in Germany.
1993 to 1996: In 1993 my father was still working for the German air force and I was a kid that recently moved back to Germany. It was also the year I participated in my first triathlons… I was hooked. That same year we moved back to the USA… I continued training and racing triathlons and run events.
1996 to 2002: In 1996 I started studying Exercise Science with a focus on Athletic Training… and I went on to get a Master of Science in Exercise Science in 2002. Through out this time I was deeply passionate about the sport of triathlon and became a USA Triathlon coach in 1999.

I became a USA Triathlon coach back in 1999. Really enjoyed the road trip with my dad getting to the course. #usatriathlon

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2002 to 2006: After graduating I rolled through different roles developing experience in coaching/personal training and  fitness/bicycle goods customer service/sales. In 2003 I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and in 2003/2004 I spent a couple  of semesters back at University studying Physical Education and Retail Management, but decided more university was not the way. I also met a lady during that last semester and followed her back to Germany… at the time Germany did not understand my education and I moved back to the USA. That lady eventually took a job offer in England and of course I followed her to England. She is now my wife.
2006  to 2014: In 2006 I moved to Harrow (part of greater London), England and initially worked in the fitness industry, but had a few goals to accomplish: triathlon coaching experience and bicycle industry knowledge.  I became involved with the triathlon scene and  a British Triathlon coach (Level 3). In addition to this I realized that I did not know enough about the bicycle industry to give advice to clients… so I took a course on professional bicycle maintenance/repair and spent some time working with sales staff in several bicycle shops.
Early 2014 to now: The sun was calling me. So, in the previous year we went on a recce trip, road trip in Puerto Rico and South Florida… mainly Miami. We had time to spare before our flight back to England so checked out Fort Lauderdale, that happened to have a street party at the beach that day. Ok, that’s it, early 2014 we moved to Fort Lauderdale. I worked for a bit in the bicycle industry, but have now transitioned to the full focus on service in triathlon/endurance sport. This last year I added the certification of IRONMAN Certified Coach.
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  • Master of Science, Exercise Science, 2002
  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Sports Science, 2000


The name Milestone Cycles comes from how training for a goal event is set up. To reach a particular goal it is much easier to break it up in smaller blocks to hit the more immediate Milestones.  These blocks end up being Cycles, and with each cycle one hits a new milestone. Milestone Cycles…