The Milestone Cycles multisport club is ideally suited for the busy international and local triathlete seeking knowledge and training… access to coached group sessions (and One-to-One Sessions) in Fort Lauderdale and keeping connected to club coach online. Every member receives the One-to-One focus of the coach.

Join us in tropical South Florida for some warm weather training and racing.
Sandy beaches… palm trees…turquoise waters

Giving easy access to a wealth of knowledge and training, the benefit that the member receives depends on the individual needs of each unique athlete…their goals, history, time….


$0 registration costs for those who have a current USAT ID number (can be international, get yours here $50); USAT ID number is required

$0 Annual Membership

As a member of the Milestone Cycles multisport club* you…

…receive Group Sessions at no extra cost (Ocean Swim, Running, Strength for Endurance…)

…receive Quarterly Planning and Benchmark (Swim/Bike/Run) Sessions with club coach at no extra cost

…are connected with club coach on TRAININGPEAKS

…receive Question/Answer (any)time with club coach at no extra cost (Subject samples: Intensities …Power/Rate of Perceived Exertion/Heart Rate; Train/Race Nutrition; Recovery/Preparation; Race day plan)

…receive a discount on MultiRace (#RaceHappy) events

…get access to early registration for certain IRONMAN events

…have access to One-to-One sessions for only $36/hour

…have access to custom training plans at only $36/week after a combined 8 hours of coaching (Group and One-to-One); Includes Premium Membership to TRAININGPEAKS

Contact the club coach at (001) 954-629-6218, through Bryan@MilestoneCycles.com, or…

…catch him at his office the beach (here) on Saturdays and Wednesdays from Sunrise to 9:45 am and in the water from 9:45 am onwards.

Coach Bryan has many years of experience having first certified as a triathlon coach over 18 years ago. Bryan is a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach, USA Triathlon Coach, IRONMAN Certified Coach, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Bryan holds a Master of Science in Exercise Science.

Milestone Cycles club is registered with USA Triathlon, British Triathlon, and the IRONMAN TriClub program.

*requires USAT ID number (can be international) and acceptance of waiver

The development of Milestone Cycles is about helping individuals live a triathlon life. At the moment we are doing this through the development of the Milestone Cycles triathlon club

Service Milestone Cycles multi-sport club members Non-Members
Club Sessions $0 Not Available
One-to-One Training (per hour) $36 (-20%) $45
Training Plans (per week) $36 (-20%) includes Premium Membership to TRAININGPEAKS $45
Quarterly Planning Session $0 $45
Quarterly Benchmark Session $0 $45