Bicycle Fitting

Calfee Sizer Cycle

Bicycle fitting has to do with finding the contact points in space that are optimized to your current fitness (flexibility, stability, strength…) and the type of riding your are participating in (road, off-road, Time-Trial…).

Wind resistance comes into play in which our bodies create a great barrier to.

Being able place the body into position to provide force on the pedals is another factor.

Through appropriate training the athlete could  train the body to hold a position that is less wind resistant and allows more force through the pedals.

In 2018 I will be adding bicycle fitting to the services of Milestone Cycles…

not from a bike sales perspective… it is being added from a coaching perspective with the realization that body adapts to training.

The individual will have their bicycle fitting adjusted progressively over time along with receiving a training plan to help with these steps.