Bike Fit

The bicycle fit is much more then simply finding the right size bicycle… just to build the picture look at the other two disciplines of triathlon, swimming and running… in these two sports it is you and the environment …besides maybe some stability built into a running shoe and some stiffness built into a wet suit… in general it is you and the environment. On a bicycle you have to become one with the bicycle…with three (five) contact points the bicycle sort of becomes an extension of your biomechanics… It can be spot on or not… With a little room to maneuver the body is framed in position.

Your bicycle needs to be built around you… your contact points…Flexibility…stability…endurance

I would like to take it to the next step and identify how one needs to improve cycling posture… a program of training that improves the cycling posture first for health, safety, and comfort… and then performance/aerodynamics