Your next Tri bike starts with CEEPO

Named after one of the greatest ancient Samurai warriors, CEEPHO, Nobuyuki (Joe) Tanaka started CEEPO in Aichi, Japan in 2003

I first came across the brand while I was developing as a coach in England and started seeing it as a part of triathlon. Milestone Cycles comes from understanding the triathlon life… helping individuals live a triathlon life… it is about service with the individual in mind… simplifying training and product decisions.

A great tri bike starts with a great tri bike frame.

CEEPO VIPER: your long-course tri frame

The CEEPO Viper is a no compromise triathlon frame that is designed for long distance events; all features are aimed at saving the athlete energy and maximizing power transfer so you can achieve a great bike split and also be as fresh as possible to start your run.


CEEPO KATANA: your all-around tri frame

All features are aimed at producing fast bike splits plus keeping fresh legs for the run.


CEEPO VENOM: your budget conscious tri frame

Hilly courses, flat courses, the VENOM will help you conquer any challenge.


CEEPO STINGER: your UCI friendly road frame

Truncated airfoil shape tubes for great aerodynamics while keeping stiffness and weight values of a non-aero frame.


CEEPO Mamba: your triathlon starter frame

Reversible seat post allows a great range of position from the classic road to triathlon forward saddle positioning.