Pay-What-You-Want Triathlon Coaching

Milestone Cycles is a triathlon club based on membership services. The club is found in the greater Fort Lauderdale and provides individual and group coaching. Sessions are focused on the development of skills learned/needed to perform training and racing safer and better.

I have decided to go with cost option of Pay-What-You-Want with suggested charges invoiced at the end of the month, but absolutely your choice on how much you would like to pay… this is sort of feedback for me…

Pay-What-You-Want Services*
1 to 1 Coaching/Consultation Suggested $35/hour ($30/hour for initial 6 hours)
Group Sessions Suggested $10/session
Custom Weekly Training Plan Suggested $35/week
Pay-What-You-Want on Monthly Invoice here

Get in Touch:, 954-629-6218 or see me on the Beach (directions click here): Saturdays from Sunrise to 11am

*requires annual membership to USA Triathlon (Click here), membership to registered USA Triathlon club Milestone Cycles, and acceptance of a waiver