Once Applied. Always Tied.

GREEPERS® can be applied to any shoes where laces are tied together with a bow knot. Laces are reverse-threaded down the shoe and secured with a stopper at the bottom. The GREEPER aperture at the top mimics the appearance of regular shoe knot but allows you to loosen and tighten the laces with a simple pull or a tug of the bow.

I recently came across this brand of laces and have been very impressed. I find the laces to be comfortable and easy to use. Milestone Cycles comes from understanding the triathlon life… helping individuals live a triathlon life… it is about service with the individual in mind… simplifying training and product decisions.

A great run starts with comfortable shoes from a fast transition. This page is not going to be part of an online shop but we wanted to give you a brief overview of GREEPER Laces. If you would like to have a pair of GREEPER Laces, please get in touch.