Training Camp

This is the other option…

…this is for the athlete who wants the custom training plan and the skills to go with it.

Imagine going to training camps/clinics periodically throughout the year, connecting/reuniting with triathletes internationally and nationwide, and receiving a custom training plan.

That is a goal of the Milestone Cycles tri club:

  • Learn/develop your training/racing skills and knowledge at the Milestone Cycles tri club training camps 
  • Connect/reunite with triathletes internationally & nationwide (big triathlon family)
  • Receive your custom training plan (annual training plan tweaked on a weekly basis on TrainingPeaks)
  • Have unlimited communication with the coach when back home
Autumn 2017 Location Weekday Weekend
Warm Weather/Ocean Camp Fort Lauderdale* Oct 30 to Nov 3 (TBC) Oct 28/29 & Nov 4/5 (TBC)
Winter 2018 Location Weekday Weekend
Warm Weather/Ocean Camp Fort Lauderdale* Feb 26 to Mar 2 (TBC) Feb 24/25 & Mar 3/4 (TBC)
Spring 2018 Location Weekday Weekend
Warm Weather/Ocean Camp Fort Lauderdale* TBD TBD
Summer 2018 Location Weekday Weekend
HIGH Altitude Camp Boulder* TBD TBD
Warm Weather/Ocean Camp Fort Lauderdale* TBD TBD
Autumn 2018 Location Weekday Weekend
Warm Weather/Ocean Camp Fort Lauderdale* TBD TBD
TBC = to be confirmed; TBD = to be determined

The Camps will have:

  • Multiple daily group sessions (swimming, cycling, running)
  • Crash course on theory of training and metabolism
  • Strength training
  • Open water clinic
  • Transition clinic
  • Event Day planning
  • Individual consultations to cover multiple subjects (swim stroke analysis, annual training plan, individual strength training session…)
  • Question and answer sessions

This is where wasted miles end and custom planned training begins.

  1. Choose your camp(s)… all included with membership
  2. Choose 13 weeks ($455 $399) or 26 weeks ($910 $749) membership
  3. Attend the weekday camp, weekend camp or both
  4. Connect your TrainingPeaks Athlete account with Coach Bryan (This will be turned into a Coach-Paid Premium Athlete Account)
  5. Start receiving your 100% Customized Weekly Training Plans
    1. Regular Review of your training data
    2. Unlimited training plan changes
    3. Unlimited communication
  6. Attend your next training camp (included with current membership)

If you are not able to make it to the camp or want to get started a bit earlier and can make it to greater Fort Lauderdale for a week I can offer a Launch Package for 5 hours of initial coaching.

Launch Package: $225 $150/5 hours

The Milestone Cycles triathlon club is registered with both USA Triathlon and British Triathlon.

your coach:

*[…you do not have to live in the USA to be a member of USA Triathlon] The USA based camps are part of the regular scheduled group sessions of the registered USA Triathlon club Milestone Cycles. Participation requires annual membership to USA Triathlon for only $50 (click here), membership to registered USA Triathlon club Milestone Cycles, and acceptance of a waiver (click here).

my name is Bryan… call me at 954-629-6218…email me at

…to a healthy lifestyle.